Why to follow daily skin care routine?

We need to care ourselves. That is the duty of every individual. Today I will be discussing how to take care of our skin. As it is said that 'Age is number and young is a feeling' one can start takeing care from any age.
Why should we take care ?
Factors that is the cause for skin detoriation like,

  • Pollution - Day by day it is increasing
  • Sunrays - harmful ultra violet rays and UVB rays
  • Eating Habits - Daily Fast food
  • Stress - Fast life and comprtitive life results in stress

There is no remedy to stop all above factors, but the good news is that, 80% of the harmful effect can be decreased using daily skin care routine.Read More..

Is wellness required in our life?, way to achieve

Our body is neutral robot that requires care like any other machine. Everyday care can avoid any disorder our body and health to opt for a culture - wellness.
Oriflame defines four milestones for better life.

  • Good healthy food - the best food is home made food
  • Good Quality Food Suppliment - Nutrishare , Omega 3 - Products from Oriflame helps for the same.
  • Excercise - Daily excercise keep you fit physicaaly and mentally
  • Wellbeing - Think positive for society and for your family

Beauty of heart and thought of positive wave helps to enjoy life Read More..

Beauty tips

Give your face an overall more lifted appearance with our three simple tricks!


Sweep some bronzer.Apply under your cheek bones, across temples and under chin

It will warm your skin tone and create the appearance of a defined face with firm skin


try highlighting the highest point of your eyebrows by brushing them upwards

Define your brows further by filling them in with colour,and setting the look with eyebrow wax.


avoid using heavy eye shadows under your eyes

apply your eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyes,in a small upward pointing triangle shape It instantly open your eyes up!

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